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Club Events

Upcoming Competitions

Make sure to pay close attention to how to register for each competition, the exact event schedules from their websites, and any club details. 

LHM Utah Summer Games

June 15th

Cedar City

The Larry H Miller Utah Summer Games are held annually at Southern Utah University in Cedar City. The games host competitions for a myriad of sports and activities such as Track & Field. We will be going down as a club to this event. Athletes must find their own way down as well as accommodations. The club will have multiple coaches in attendance and will be bringing poles for athletes with an active club membership and those who rent poles. Since this is an away meet which requires travel for the coaches and transporting poles, there is a $10 club fee for athletes in attendance desiring poles and coaching.   

USATF Region 11 Junior Olympics

June 20-22

Missoula, MT

In order to attend the Region 11 Junior Olympics held by USATF, you must have cleared a bar at the USATF Utah Junior Olympics. If you cleared a bar for the UTAH JOs you are qualified to attend this meet. If you get within the top 5 for your age group division for this competition, you qualify for the USATF National Junior Olympics in July in Texas. Region 11 contains all of Utah, Idaho, and Montana.  Unfortunately most of our coaches will be out of town this weekend and will not be able to attend this with you. If you are interested in attending, please reach out to Cameron or Devin ASAP to discuss what can be done to help you succeed. Athletes with a club membership are welcome to take poles to the competition themselves if they have a safe way of doing so. If club coaches attend, additional fees may apply. 

USATF National Youth Outdoor Champs

June 26-29

New York

This competition is NOT the Junior Olympics mentioned above. This is a separate meet with its own registration and qualification standards. Click the link below to learn more. Currently, no club coaches are planning on attending this meet due to its distance but we are happy to coordinate with any athletes who are interested in going and seeing what we can do to help you succeed. If club coaches attend, additional fees may apply. 

USATF National Junior Olympics

July 22-28
Bryan, TX

In order to attend the National Junior Olympics, you must qualify in the USATF Region 11 Junior Olympics meet by placing in the top 5 for your age division. If club coaches attend, additional fees may apply. 


August 9-10


The DEVO MEMORIAL Street Vault is our annual end of summer competition which also offers us an opportunity to remember a member of the UTPVA family who unexpectedly passed away. This event typically brings in athletes from all over Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, and farther. This year's competition is sponsored by Utah Pole Vault Academy, UCS Spirit, The Vaultee Shop, Swing-Up Rack, and Vaulter Magazine. You don't want to miss this great event. 

Other Events

Make sure to pay close attention to how to register for each competition. 

UTPVA Senior Trip

June 20-24

Every year we try to do something special for the Seniors who graduated and have been a major member of the UTPVA family by maintaining regular attendance as a club member. This year we are going to Lake Powell. It is $50 per person to attend which includes transportation to the Lake, food, and boating fun.



July Club Meetup


Olympics Watch Party


The 2024 Olympics are held in Paris, France. 

August 3

Men's Pole Vault Qualification: 10:10a

Men's Decathlon Pole Vault: 1:40p

August 5

Women's Pole Vault Qualification: 10:40a

Men's Pole Vault Final: 7:00p

August 7

Women's Pole Vault Final: 7:00p

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